Australia is famous for its Hass & Shepard (green skin) avocados 


This is the number of fruit of a specific size that fits into our standard P84 tray. We have the following sizes available for export - 16, 18, 20, 23, 25, 28, 30, Large, Medium, Small, Cocktail 10kg carton.


The nett weight (fruit only) of a tray varies between 5.3kg and 5.5kg depending on the fruit size when packed. 

Air Freight: 

There are two standard air freight pallets available. 

LD3 also referred to as AV pallet; 250 trays

LD7 also referred to as PP pallet or Air pallet: 770 trays.

Sea Freight: 

Sea freight orders are specially picked and packed to ensure that avocados are delivered to the vessel in the shortest possible time. This ensures the best quality fruit upon arrival for our customers. 

We pack 120 trays per standard sea freight pallet. Pallets and trays have been designed to have the maximum air flow to ensure that sea freighted avocados reaches its destination in the freshest possible condition. 

6m (20ft) Reefer container: 12 pallets = 1440 trays.

12m (40ft) Reefer container: 26 pallets = 3120 trays.