Avocado Varieties


Hass avocados are oval in shape with a 'pebbly' textured skin and when ripe will yield to slight pressure on the top of the fruit and will have changed to a dark purple like colour.  


The flesh has a creamy texture with a slightly nutty taste. It is easy to scoop the ripe flesh out of the skin of half an avocado making it a quick and convenient snack food.  


Shepard avocados are ovoid to "pear-ish" in shape. The skin is green, thin and waxy which makes peeling the skin away from the flesh easy when the fruit it ripe. The flesh has a soft, creamy, rich texture when ripe. Unlike Hass avocados, Shepard avocados do not change colour as they ripen.

Another good indication of fruit ripeness is that the fruit stalk comes off easily when the fruit is ripe.